On my unpredictable and strange quest to process existence in all its wild, ruthless and ineffable beauty, I am driven by the idea that there is no real distinction between us humans and nature.

We are nature.

Nature is us.

Maybe there is not even such a thing as nature. 

Maybe it is just us. Everything together in a big interacting and pulsating mass. This idea does not absolve me of environmental responsibility as a human being; on the contrary, it spurs me to act – to create works which explore and encourage peaceful and biodiverse connectivity, as well as curious thinking.

Ultimately, I aim for my life and artistic practice to be radical and deeply ecological, however troublesome (and at times impossible) that pursuit might be. I therefore seek to create and engage with others through the medium of sensory performance experiments – to cherish unexpected interplays between body, matter, imagination and the world.

To welcome unfamiliar collaborations and combinations.

To surrender to interdependence and enjoy the weirdness!