Concept, research & direction:
Maria Braender in collaboration with Francis Mulholland & Sunniva Eira Saetering

Claus Otto, Francis Mulholland, Laura Fisher, Madeleine Virginia Brown, Maria Braender and Sunniva Eira Saetering

Electroacoustic composition:
Nora Marazaite in collaboration with Maria Braender and Sunniva Eira Saetering

Light design:
Jazz Hurtsby

Encomium (2016)

Three-hour durational performance installation, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Chandler Theatre), Glasgow

“The fireworks of the Apocalypse are not there to prepare you for a rapturous upload to Heaven, but on the contrary, to make you ready to avoid being chased off the Earth by Earth’s own reaction to your presence.” - Bruno Latour in his Gifford Lectures, 2013.

Encomium is a rumination on apocalypse distilled into installation, movement and music.

Photographs taken by Ken Dundas