Concept and research:
Maria Braender and Thulani Rachia

Light and sound:
Maria Braender and Thulani Rachia

Claus Otto, John Lemke, Maria Braender and Thulani Rachia

Costume design:
Laura Thompson, Maria Braender and Thulani Rachia

Mirror Me - Mirror You (2016)

Performance Installation, The Glue Factory, Glasgow

If you can’t find the truth where you are, where else do you expect to find it. There is a part of us that knows eternity as surely as we know our own name. We only have to ask for the truth and we will learn that it is found in the mirror… - Jack Kornfield.

This work investigates the materiality of the MIRROR as a reflective object with a two-dimensional surface, while using these material properties to explore the interplay of socio-political and historical factors and subjectivity. Looking at the MIRROR specifically as a metaphor for the fluctuating state of modern life, we ask: how does constant change affect the individual? What is it doing to the concept of personality?

Photographs taken by Laura Thompson