Maria Braender is a performance artist based in Copenhagen. She enjoys entanglements of art forms and means of expression and therefore aims for artistic processes to be experimental and interdisciplinary. With a strong interest in ecocriticism her work is often informed by research of human/non-human relationships.

In 2018, Braender’s cross-artform project Telling the Bees was selected by Cryptic Theatre to be presented at the Centre of Contemporary Arts, in Glasgow. Presently, she is about to be begin her practice-based PhD research at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where she graduated with a BA Honours of the first class in Contemporary Performance Practice, in 2017. Braender seeks out to work together with widespread fields of practitioners which recently led her to a collaboration with Radix Theatre, in Canada. She is also part of the Copenhagen-based research group Sounding Bodies (SOBO) exploring resonance in and between bodies. SOBO draws from the fields of acoustic ecology, perceptual studies and practices in improvisation. Other artists and companies Braender has collaborated with/performed for include: Anna Katrin Egilstrød, Hello!Earth, Hotel Pro Forma, Ines Bento Coelho, Jenny Gräf, Jens Galschiøt, Julie Sparsø DamkjærLaboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, Laura Thompson, Lea Porsager, Lost in Sounds, Nic Green, Stine Ruine and Suns of Satan.




2019 - Practice-based PhD with supervisors Alistair MacDonald and Laura Bissell, at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, UK

2013 - 2017     BA Honours of the first class, Contemporary Performance Practice, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, UK

2011 - 2012      Training Programme in Stage Art, Move and Act School of Stage, Denmark

2003 - 2008   Diploma in Drama and Media Education, Independent Academy of Free School Teaching, Denmark

2001- 2002     Filmmaking Diploma, European Film College, Denmark

2000-2001     Training Course in Performance, The Copenhagen Film & Theatre School



Cryptic Nights + residency, 2018

Developing Artistic Entrepreneurship/Edinburgh International Festival, 2017 

The Millar Award, 2017 (Shortlist)

Three-year scholarship from the Scotland Trust, 2014 - 2017

Mentored by

2014 - 2017    (Nadine George Voice Technique) Melanie Drake & Bill Wright

2010 - 2013    (Performance) Lars Simonsen and Klaus T. Søndergaard, Odense Theatre, Denmark

2004 - 2009 (Roy Hart Voice Technique), Katrine Faber, Denmark


Selected past and upcoming performances/projects

2019 Critters of the Deep (working title), hybrid cross-artform project, in collaboration with composer Anna Katrin Egilstrøð & marine scientists (DK/NO/UK)

SOUNDING BODIES, research project since 2018, Copenhagen, DK

Delivery of Stones, by Jenny Gräf and The Stone Carving Oraclestra, Vega, Dk

2018         Microbial Stomach Growl (in collaboration with Katrine Faber), curated by Fermenting Feminism, DK

                      Telling the Bees, performance, CCA Glasgow, UK

2017               Fragile Systems, 10 channel sound installation, Hotel Pro Forma, DK

                      Telling the Bees, unplugged performance, Sorte Firkant, DK

                       In Parallel, installation lounge, Hotel Pro Forma, DK

                       If in doubt, don't, site specific performance, Glasgow, UK

                       Night Walk, performance (in collaboration with Radix Theatre), Vancouver, Canada

                       Telling the Bees, performance, Into the New festival, Pearce Institute, Glasgow, UK

2016               Encomium, durational performance installation, RCS (Chandler Theatre), Glasgow, UK

                       Whereabouts you are, exhibition (choreographic actions by Ines Bento Coelho), Reid Gallery, Glasgow, UK

                       Little Beast, video, Glasgow, UK

                       Mirror Me - Mirror You, performance installation (in collaboration with Thulani Rachia), The Glue Factory, Glasgow, UK

2015               Art Cop, event (in collaboration with Nic Green), Glasgow, UK

                       All Ears, solo performance, RCS (Speirs Lock), Glasgow, UK

                       Passage, video phonic experiment, Baird Brae, UK

                       WAITING FOR THE SUN TO RISE, performance, RCS (Chandler Theatre), Glasgow, UK

                      The in here, the out there (a voice of silver), performance (in collaboration with Christopher Cameron), RCS, Glasgow, UK

                       Wasteland, process drama (in collaboration with Thulani Rachia), RCS, Glasgow, UK

                       Failure, choreography piece, Room to Share festival, Glasgow, UK

2014               Shift, process drama, Oakwood Primary School, Glasgow, UK

                       Persona Performance, RCS, Glasgow, UK

                      Joy and Horror, durational performance, RCS, Glasgow, UK

2013               Hamlet, performance/video experiment, Abernathy/Vejlefjord, UK/DK

                       MAN! performance (in collaboration with Anna Katrin Egilstrød, David B. Earle, Verner Johnsen), DK/UK

2012               Move and Act, Godsbanen, Aarhus, DK

2011                Ageing is pink, solo performance, Sorø, DK

2010               Richard III, solo performance, Fredrikstad, NO

2009              Family Affairs, performance (in collaboration with Claus Otto), DK

2009 OP/NED, site-specific spoken word project (in collaboration with Claus Otto & Kim B.), Ollerup, DK

2007              Træskofabrikken, site-specific performance/video experiment, Svendborg, DK

Persefone, solo performance, Moesgaard Festival, DK

2006              Eddikefabrikken, site-specific performance project, Ollerup, DK

Ringkøbing Fjord, performance (in collaboration with Teatret Ios), International Theatre festival, DK

2005              Last Tango, performance, Dynamo-Kunstakademiet (Dir.: Lea Porsager), Kultorvet, DK

2004              I Mellemtiden, performance, Ollerup, DK

2003              Alien Reflections, video (Dir.: Maria Coveou), Rotterdam Festival, NL